Build your own Partner Marketplace

Link multiple iRostrum Platforms and present partner auctions and all lots together in a free iRostrum White-label Marketplace


Building your own powerful bidder community could be the key to your long-term success

Consider the potential of combining forces to form your own Partner Marketplace, sharing digital marketing costs to build your audience whilst ensuring that individual Auction Partners retain ownership of their data.

The power of a community at no extra cost

Linked customers with 5 or more iRostrum annual subscriptions, can set up a dedicated Partner Marketplace at NO COST. Please reach out to learn more.


Give each Auction Partner an equal share in the marketplace and work together to take control from the monopoly marketplaces that operate globally today. Combine marketing resources to run efficient targeted marketing campaigns and build your Partner Marketplace customer database.  


With no auction listing fees and no hammer commission fees, see how much further your marketing budgets can go and how much harder they can work for you.


iRostrum provides the possibility to build your own end-to-end & fully integrated white-label solution.

Take control when bidders click on your auction or your lot

As an Auction Partner, your auctions and lots will automatically be published on the Partner Marketplace.


Bidders registering on the Partner Marketplace agree to share their details with all Auction Partners. Bidders registering on your instance will only share their details if they actively select to.


At the point the bidder clicks-through from the Partner Marketplace, they will be directed to your iRostrum instance, participating in your auction, on your terms in line with your processes. You retain ownership of all data.

Save your bidders time & money

No buyer fees mean that it's cheaper for your bidders to bid through your Partner Marketplace than on any other marketplace. Not only does this allow for higher direct spend, it will increase customer lifetime value and reduce customer churn.


Using single-sign-on will enable your bidders to browse seamlessly between the Partner Marketplace and the individual Auction Partner instances, whilst accessing all bidding activity in one place.

Societies & Associations can deliver direct value to members

Set up a Partnership Marketplace as a Society or Association and drive collaboration amongst your members under your brand.


Offer this high value service to your members and deliver them direct value. Talk to us about potential group discounts on the iRostrum subscription.


Maximise the opportunity to reduce costs for your members, align standards and processes with industry best practice, GDPR, AML and more.


All whilst your members maintain commercial advantage and integrity of their business information.



Connect multi branch organisations

Organisations with multiple branches could also adopt this model.  Enabling important independence and control, yet giving all your bidders a more consistent and complete user experience, whilst importantly channelling the bidders to the respective branch at the point of sale.


Have a consistent buyer user experience with strong vetting & verification processes.


Share buyer behaviour feedback to avoid recurring costly mistakes i.e. if customers don't settle invoices or show undesirable behaviours.


Full analytics and reporting, including transactions reports and behaviour, which are valuable in determining marketing ROI.

Premium presentation and exceptional bidding experience

Run unlimited auctions through your own website

  • White label website with your own branding
  • Responsive for optimal viewing on any device
  • Integrate as a page within your existing website or operate as a stand alone website
  • Interactive homepage promoting current, future and past auctions with sales results
  • Rich presentation of multiple auctions and unlimited lots whilst promoting SEO
  • Publish viewing times and auction notices

Give your bidders quality direct engagement

  • Secure bidder registration, verification and login
  • My Profile for bidders to manage bids and follow favourite lots
  • Comprehensive lot search and filter function
  • Real-time on screen and email updates on bids
  • Bidders must accept auction terms & conditions before they can participate and bid

Take your business global

  • Operate in any currency
  • Operate in any time-zone
  • Multi-lingual capability

Pick the auction format that works best for you

Live auctions

  • Stream live auctions to your online audience
  • Real-time bidding controls
  • Ultra low latency live video streaming
  • Intuitive notification bar
  • Incremental or automatic proxi-bidding
  • Place advance bids or bid live

Timed auctions - aka silent or online only

  • Highly configurable auction settings
  • Sniper prevention
  • Incremental or automatic proxi-bidding
  • Transparent bid history
  • Instant on screen bid-status notification

Catalogue only auctions

  • Quality online presentation for offline sales

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In 2023 hyper-personalised performance marketing can be achieved with ease through leveraging smart omnichannel marketing strategies and increasing automation. 

Driving website traffic, generating registrations, building awareness and increasing sales has never been easier, especially with the power of a partner community which will reduce your overall cost per customer acquisition and generate higher quality leads.

World class digital marketing partners are readily available to help you navigate your journey, enabling you to better understand your customer, maximise your spend and see quality measurable benefits.

As a digital evangelist I understand the power of technology & modern digital marketing trends.  With Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse and Web3 technology quickly coming, now is the time to gain complete control and independence to achieve your businesses full potential and not be restricted by legacy ways of working and monopoly marketplaces.

Greg Horne, iRostrum Online Auctions

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