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Remove all limitations for bidders and give them ultimate access to your auctions. Silent auction software for the 21st century!

Timed Auctions

Take control and run your auctions your way

iRostrum gives you all the tools you need to run your online auctions - whether you are an individual or organisation looking to run one-off or regular auctions

Get Your Audience Bidding On Equal Terms

Get your audience bidding on equal terms

A timed auction is accessible to a global online audience setting all bidders on a level playing field with complete public anonymity. Let them bid anytime, anywhere from any device.

Multiple Bidding Options

Multiple bidding options

Bidders can choose to bid incrementally in real time or they can place maximum bids well in advance or in the closing minutes of an auctions, allowing the system to automatically raise their bid in reaction to competing incoming bids so they never miss their chance.

Achieve true value in your sales

Sniper prevention programming ensures that bidders will always have the opportunity to bid again, no matter how last second someone tries to place a bid. Your lots will sell to the bidder prepared to pay the most, not the bidder with the quickest click!

Gain Valuable Visibility On All Bidding Activity

Gain valuable visibility on all bidding activity

In a timed auction all bidding data is captured for post sale analysis. See all your under-bidders and understand their interests for future marketing

Highly Configurable Auction Settings

Highly configurable auction settings

Timed auctions allow bidders to place bids over a period of time, culminating in a final auction with lots closing with staggered end times. Use the default settings or configure the time gap between lots closing and the time extension parameters to suit you.

Low overheads

The greatest appeal for timed auctions is the low running costs – no costly venue, no extensive staffing required, with our cloud based technology you can run an auction single handed from anywhere in the world.

Pick the auction format that works best for you

Live auctions

  • Stream live auctions to your online audience
  • Real-time bidding controls
  • Ultra low latency live video streaming
  • Intuitive notification bar
  • Incremental or automatic proxi-bidding
  • Place advance bids or bid live

Timed auctions - aka silent or online only

  • Highly configurable auction settings
  • Sniper prevention
  • Incremental or automatic proxi-bidding
  • Transparent bid history
  • Instant on screen bid-status notification

Catalogue only auctions

  • Quality online presentation for offline sales

Premium presentation and exceptional bidding experience

Run unlimited auctions through your own website

  • White label website with your own branding
  • Responsive for optimal viewing on any device
  • Integrate as a page within your existing website or operate as a stand alone website
  • Interactive homepage promoting current, future and past auctions with sales results
  • Rich presentation of multiple auctions and unlimited lots whilst promoting SEO
  • Publish viewing times and auction notices

Give your bidders quality direct engagement

  • Secure bidder registration, verification and login
  • My Profile for bidders to manage bids and follow favourite lots
  • Comprehensive lot search and filter function
  • Real-time on screen and email updates on bids
  • Bidders must accept auction terms & conditions before they can participate and bid

Take your business global

  • Operate in any currency
  • Operate in any time-zone
  • Multi-lingual capability

More about our timed auctions..

Highly configurable auction settings

  • Set time gaps between close times
  • Set time extension rules
  • Set lots to close individually or sequentially
  • Pre-configurable bid increments

Sniper prevention

  • Lots only close after set periods of bidding inactivity
  • All bidders get a chance to come back with a counter bid
  • Sniper prevention ensure all lots reach their full value

Multiple bidding formats

  • Reactive live incremental bidding
  • Place maximum bids for automatic proxy-bidding

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Marijke Varrall Jones

The challenges of 2020 have forced a surge in uptake for online auction solutions in an industry that has historically been hesitant to fully embrace the digital age. Advances that might have taken years have now been made in made in a matter of months. Those that have been able to embrace the digital revolution quickest and most imaginatively whilst keeping their identity central have thrived where others have faltered.

Today more than ever before having a strong online offering is paramount to future success. Put your brand central with your own white label auction platform. Sign up today and take control.

As an auctioneer I know how powerful ownership of auction data is for growing your business. iRostrum gives you total control - of your brand identity and your client engagements - giving you the freedom to access the global marketing options that suit you.

iRostrum Online Auctions

Marijke Varrall-Jones, iRostrum Online Auctions

What's included

Powerful tools and features for a class-leading auction experience for you and your customers

Optimised administration flows

  • Create and publish auctions in minutes
  • Bulk import 
  • Batch processing
  • Image auto-resizing

Invoicing & Payments

  • Individual and bulk invoice generation
  • Mass-distribution of post-auction invoices
  • Online payment facility
  • Payment reconciliation and reporting

Control your data

  • Own 100% of your data
  • Analyse and contact under-bidders
  • Extract anytime
  • Access via Open API architecture

Security & data privacy

  • Highest of security standards
  • All transactions handled securely over SSL

Reporting & Insights

  • Detailed bidder data for analysis
  • Comprehensive audit and traceability tools


  • Easy access email support and troubleshooting
  • Proactive live monitoring

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